Freebeach Policy

18/2009. (VI.02) regulations of
Velence City Council's
Body of Representatives
about the usage and operation of the beach

Dear Guests!

We inform you that when using the area and its services you accept and undertake to comply with the policies detailed below.

In case of violation of this policy the GOMI Ltd.(as Operator) assumes no responsibility. The facilities found in the area can be used at your own risk!

Valid traffic rules in the beach area

In the beach area it is forbidden to travel by car, motorbike, scooter or any motor-driven vehicle, with the exception of work related operations of the beach.

The product replenishment in the beach area is possible on constructed service roads only between 6:00 and 9:00 am, and 5:00 and 7:00 pm. The maximum speed of 10 km / h, and 3.5 tons in weight is allowed in the beach area.

In the beach area parking is prohibited, with the exception of the vehicles of the promotional activities arriving to the occasional events. The number and the type of vehicles shall be notified in advance by the Operator in writing, and authorized parking permits shall be issued with its certified signature.

Anyone entering the beach area without a license, outside the designated service roads, holds full financial liability for traffic violation and the damage caused.

The rules of swimming and staying on the beach

As the beach is classified as free of charge, staying in the beach area and using the water surface of the beach area is at everybody's own risk.

It is allowed to swim only in designated areas. Jumping in the water is only available at the place designated for this purpose. Night swimming is forbidden!

Swimming outside the designated areas of buoys and "Deep Water" signs is only allowed for good swimmers at their own risks. The depth of water is ~120 cm by the swimming area boundary marker buoy. The lifeguards can check the water surface of the beach from the coast to ~300 meters.

In case of a storm warning, the guests are informed through loudspeakers and asked to leave the water.The water police is authorized to act against those, who ignore these warnings. The Operator, after providing information, is not subject to liability for accidents.

It is prohibited to embark with rowing, motorised boats or sailboats in the area of the bathers fenced with buoys and signs. The exceptions are the water police vehicles, as well as the intended use of lifeboats.

The beach guests are constantly being notified of the air and water temperature and water quality and the level of UV radiation.

In the case of an accident that can be treated at designated locations, the first aid service is free of charge. In case a serious or life threathening accident is detected, the person who observed the accident, the water paramedic staff, the beach staff are required to immediately notify the ambulance on telephone number 104.

Please put any paper, food waste and garbage in the designated waste collection containers!

In the beach area the Operator allows selective waste collection, so the waste materials (paper, plastic, metal) can be placed in the appropriate containers.

If a beach guest intentionally or negligently causes damage to the furnishing of the beach and plantations or if causing damage by illegaly stealing those, must pay compensation for the damage caused. The Operator (GOMI Ltd.) can take legal procedure against them.

Those individuals whose behaviour interfere with the tranquility of other guests, will be warned by the security guards, after the second warning they will be obliged to leave the area.

It is forbidden to dislocate all the outdoor furniture and other objects found in the area, which applies to the free-of-charge sunbeds and umbrellas!

Dear Guests, please note that the beach area is equipped with continuously recording cameras. In this way, all intentionally caused damages will be documented so the financial responsibility of the wreckers can be proved.

The Operator of the beach is entitled to check the identity of the disorderly persons or wreckers with the help of the on-site operated poice officers, to record their data, and to take a photograph of the event.

The beach policy is displayed in visible places of the area. The persons entering the territory of the beach shall take note of this as binding upon them.

Children under 12 can stay on the beach only with a parent or an adult escort. They can take advantage of the beach services only with the parent or adult guardian's permanent control and liability.

To avoid accidents, besides those mentioned above, please adhere to the instructions of the staff and the warning signs.

Those who apparently suffer from infections or indication of any disease, or being in an alcoholic state or under the influence of drugs that causes alteration of consciousness, are forbidden to stay in the beach area. The entry, in this case, can be refused by the security guards.

It is prohibited to use soap, shower gel, toilet detergent or other chemicals in the lake and contaminate the water.

It is forbidden to bring animals in the beach area.

In case of any extraordinary event - personal injury, fire, the presence of dangerous instrument or object - please indicate it to the staff or the security service who are entitled and obliged to take action.

Please hand in the lost and found objects to the guard service, if the rightful owner of the found item checks in, the takeover must be verified by showing ID card and signing the receipt. The lost and found items can be taken over from the guard service.

Our Guests are kindly requested not to disturb the tranquility of bathers with noisy, immoral behaviour and misconduct!

Use of lavatory facilities

The use of lavatory facilities is free on the beach. If the lavatory service needs to be operated after opening hours due to events, the event organiser shall pay the priorly agreed cost upon the invoice for the Operator. For any damage resulting from misuse, the wrecker or the event organiser has full financial responsibility.

Use of sun beds

The sun beds, located in the beach area, are free for all guests to use them properly. The guest holds full financial responsibility for the damages caused by improper use.


Smoking is allowed in the beach area from which the playgrounds and the lake are exclusions, smoking is forbidden in these areas. Please put the cigarette butts in the appropriate waste containers! In case of smoking please be thoughtful of the non-smoking guests!

Periodically organised programmes, sporting events

In the beach area the Operator is entitled to arrange events, or provide space for organised events. The event organizers are required to hold all legal licenses, documentations necessary for holding and arranging events, which comply with and ensure adequate conditions of all legal requirements.

Playgrounds, use of playing equipment

In the beach area designated sites are provided for ball games and playing equipment.

Use of own music devices and other sound equipment

Media tools can only be used if the tranquility of the other guests are not disturbed. Lessees, media service providers are under special legislations, and are responsible for compliance with the rules. If the music service provided by the lessee exceeds the permitted level, and therefore the Operator is condemned by the responsible authority, the lessee assumes full financial liability for the possible penalties, and is obligated to comply with the permitted level of music services.

Wearing clothes

On the beach it is obligatory to wear clothing that does not offend the public taste. The minimum is swimwear. Women are allowed to use monokinis, but are kindly requested to be thoughtful of the other guests.

Children are also recommended to wear bathing suits in all cases, (waterproof, disposable diapers are to be used until age 2). This is to avoid photographs to be taken by individuals without the parents' permission.

Freebeach operating time

The Operator maintains a private security service to protect the beach valuables. The security staff is entitled to check the following:

  • In the beach area it is not allowed to bring in glass (bottles, glasses, etc.), weapons, thrusting and cutting equipment and other dangerous objects. The beach safety supervisors are entitled to prevent the entry of unpermitted objects.
  • The catering units that are open on the beach at night shall serve drinks exclusively in plastic glasses. Selling and using glassware, glass containers are dangerous and prohibited!
  • The security personnel is fully authorised to prevent the damages to the equipment of the beach and lessee-owned assets, equipment and buildings caused by rule breakers. In case of violent action the police and the employer must be informed immediately and the event shall be logged in the record.

In case of any extraordinary event - personal injury, fire, the presence of dangerous instrument or object - please indicate it to the staff who are obliged to take action promptly on the basis of appropriate policies.

Objects and equipment allowed in the beach area

The guests and leaseholders may enter the beach area with legally compliant tools and objects. The lessees shall only bring adequate operational tools and objects, in accordance with their licenses, to the beach area. The security personnel is entitled to prevent the entry of inadequate equipment and objects.

Service and conducting advertising

The lessee shall continue services and promotional activities on the premises leased, in a way, that does not interfere with the continuous operation of the beach. Outside the leased area sale is prohibited, advertising is only allowed by a separate contract, which is regulated by a contract with the Operator's managing director.

It is prohibited to block or perform service activities on the roads designated for pedestrian traffic!

Complaints,handling complaints

The complaint is an application aimed to remedy and eliminate individual or collective violation and conflict of interest. The guest may object to the provider in opening hours, in writing. The Operator is obliged to examine the complaint and notify the visitor about the result in writing within 30 days of the complaint and forward it to the Notary of Velence City and to the competent authorities.

The investigation of the complaint in the first instance must be carried out by the institute, which has authority and jurisdiction to examine the application, fulfill the service management and make operating contracts.

If the customer did not report the complaint to the competent body, the host organization of the complaint shall forward it to a competent institution.

Administrative deadline

The orally submitted complaints shall be investigated immediately if possible.

The complaint reports and public announcements are to be investigated and responded in writing within 30 days.

In case of complaints of quality or service default the service provider investigates the complaint out of turn - and if legitimate - arranges to solve the problem within 3 working days after the announcement.

First Aid

During the beach operating time, based on the current legislation, a first aid trained employee is on duty.

The first aid posts are clearly labeled and marked. In the area, navigation boards help the fast access of the first aid provider. The first aid facility and the beach medicine chest that contains all the necessary health equipment and materials are provided by the Service Department, which equipment is proportionate with the estimated traffic of the beach. The technical equipment of the medicine chest can be checked by the Operator every month.

In the beach area, in case of sickness or accident of a guest a first aid provider shall be called upon or the nearest employee shall notify the first aid provider and service manager on duty immediately.

In case of severe injury or sickness the head of service is obliged to call a doctor or ambulance immediately.

The accident of beach guests in all cases must be registered in the "guest accident protocol".

The Protocol includes:

  • the date and place of the accident,
  • the name and address of the injured,
  • the exact description of the accident,
  • the measures taken in relation to the accident,
  • damaged goods listed in the accident,
  • the name and address of the witnesses,
  • remarks on the completion of the protocol,
  • the date of completion of this Protocol,
  • the signature of the reporter and the injured.

The protocol shall be deposited in the Secretariat the next working day after the report.

In addition to guests accidents, the first aid provider must record all cases of first aids in the patient's record. The data and descriptions of the patients are to be logged in genuinely in the heading part of the record.

After the completion of the first aid the employee is required to draw the injured's attention to visit the family doctor or a specialist, and the injured shall take note of this by signing the report.

Regarding the accidents, involving employees working on the beach, the tasks, actions, the notifications of accidents at work, the investigations and their registrations can be found in details in the OHS Policy.

The first aid provider may leave the first aid facility only in exceptional cases and shall leave brief information on the estimated return time and the location.

Owner: Velence City Council
Operator: GOMI Ltd.

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